Star Wars X-Wing Tournament: Sunday February 8th

$10 entry fee.
Registration begins at 10:30am
Number of rounds to be determined by number of participants.

This is an official Fantasy Flight Store Championship Tournament
Prizing is as follows:
1st place: 1 round bye at a regional championship of your choice + Store Wars Championship plaque
Top 4 players: one set of tokens each
Top 8 players: one dice bag each
Top 32 players: one alternate art card each
1 additional set of tokens and 1 dice bag to be given out at random

Call or email to sign up today!

Star Wars Store Wars

store wars


The next tournament circuit is going to feature the X-Wing Miniatures game and we have some very exciting details to tell you! First here are the dates for the Minor and Major tournaments.

sw xw logoMinors
July 5th Black Knight Games
July 19th The Dragon
July 26th Forbes Hobbies
August 2nd Hobby Kingdom
August 9th Phoenix Rising
August 23rd X Planet Games

August 30th Black Knight Games
September 6th The Dragon
September 13th Forbes Hobbies
September 27th Hobby Kingdom
October 4th Phoenix Rising
October 11th X Planet Games

Players will be awarded points for participating and ranking in the top 10, with more points being awarded at a Major and less at a Minor. They are as follows:

Participation 2/1
10th 4/2
9th 6/3
8th 8/4
7th 10/5
6th 12/6
5th 15/8
4th 18/10
3rd 22/13
2nd 26/16
1st 31/20

The points awarded will be in addition to in store credit prizes that will also be handed out at each event. At the end of the season, the top 16 players with the most points will earn a free entry to participate in the X-Wing Canadian Nationals that will be held October 25th!

The top 16 players will also receive a Store Wars t-shirt in recognition of their achievement.

For those players that cannot actively participate in the Store Wars circuit, there will be 16 places that will be open to the public. Two places will be held for the Canadian Regional Champions (one from Phoenix Rising and one from Kingston Nexus Hobbies) with the remaining 14 places open to the general public. Registration for these tickets will open October 12th with details coming soon regarding the price of the tickets and how to register.

So there you have it! After having a great time battling your way through tournaments, it all ends with your chance at becoming the Canadian Champion!

We would like to thank Lion Rampant Imports for giving us the opportunity to do this.

New Games in Stock!

New in this week:

TTRBoard and Card Games:

Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition
Munchkin Legends
Warmachine High Command Invasion of Sul
Ascension: Realms Unravelled






Pokemon Pyroar Box
Yu Gi Oh Realm of Light Deck






wave4-layoutMiniatures Games:

Star Wars X-Wing Z-95 Headhunter
Star Wars X-Wing Tie Defender
Star Wars X-Wing E-Wing
Star Wars X-Wing Tie Phantom
Warhammer 40K: Orks Codex
WarmaHordes Retribution Imperatus Hvy Warjack
WarmaHordes Convergence Galvanizer Lt Vector
WarmaHordes Circle Gnarlhorn/Riphorn/Shadowhorn Hvy Warbeast


And… We got our Star Trek Attack Wing OP kit in. Look for information on our upcoming STAW events.


Store Wars: Warmachine

store wars

Congratulations to our own Dustin McWhirter for placing 3rd overall in the Store Wars Grand Tournament!

That concludes this circuit of Store Wars. The next circuit starts July 5th and will be X-Wing miniatures! Our minor tournament will be July 19th, and our major will be September 6th. For more information on Store Wars, visit

May Madness!

May is almost upon us, and it is PACKED with events!
Thursday, May 1st – Paperbag Princess day, in association with the Guelph Public Library

Friday, May 2nd – Magic Journey Into Nyx goes on sale! Limited number of full boxes available for purchase. Friday Night Magic will be a booster draft.

Saturday, May 3rd – FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! It comes but once a year, and it’s amazing! Come early!

Sunday, May 4th – Magic Legacy Event

Wednesday, May 7th – Dream Life book tour with Salgood Sam. Check out this amazing Kickstarter project, backed by The Dragon, and get your first chance to buy the book.

Saturday, May 10th – Warmachine Minor Tournament, and Downtown Gives Back

Saturday, May 17th – Pounce Special event – indie game demo and tournament

Friday, May 23rd to Sunday, May 25th – Anime North at the Toronto Congress Centre

Saturday, May 24th – Journey Into Nyx Game Day

Phew! That’s a lot of stuff! And that’s all in addition to our regular events! See you soon!

Gaming Update

After getting some feedback on our regular gaming events, we’ve decided to make the following changes:

Board Gaming Sundays will now be every 2nd AND 4th Sunday of every month. We hope to see you there! Bring a game, or come in and sample one of our demo games.

Miniature Gaming Saturdays will become regularly open gaming for Warmachine, Warhammer, X-Wing Minis, and Netrunner LCG. If you would like to reserve a table, please give us a call to ensure your spot. We ask that other games be played at their scheduled times on our calendar.

And announcing International Tabletop Day on April 5th! Join us to play games, and earn promo cards and other cool swag. Visit for more details

Upcoming Events at The Dragon

store wars

This Saturday is our Store Wars Warmachine Major tournament. It’s your first chance to score valuable points to get you into the Grand Tournament. There are only a few spots left, so sign up now! The next Major tournament will be at Black Knight Games on March 8th. For more information on format, etc., visit


This weekend, you’ll also find us set up in the Dealer’s Room at Con-G at the Delta Hotel in Guelph. This is always a great con, and we hope to see you there! For more information, visit

born of the gods

Next weekend is Magic weekend at The Dragon, starting with Game Day on Saturday, March 1st. This is a totally free Standard tournament, with all participants getting a promo card, and the top 8 getting an exclusive foil promo card. You can also Battle the Horde in Challenge deck battles taking place on the side. Registration begins at 10:30, and length of play will be determined by number of participants. No sign-up necessary, just come and join the fun!

On Sunday, March 2nd, we have our Grand Prix Trial for Montreal. This tournament is $35, and uses the Sealed deck format (3 Theros, 3 Born of the Gods packs). Registration begins at 10am, with deck building beginning at 10:30. Prizing is 3 packs per person into the prize pool. The length of the tournament will be determined by number of players, which is capped at 32. There will be no lunch break in this tournament. The latest it will run is 4:30pm. Sign-up is open now, pre-payment not required.

Updated: The Dragon’s Regular Events

The Dragon is pleased to announce the following events in rotation at the store:

3-6pm Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon
7-9pm 2nd Wednesday of the month – Book Club

5-9pm Casual Magic play

5:30-9pm Friday Night Magic

Warmachine tournament once a month
Warhammer 40K event once a month
Netrunner and X-Wing Miniatures leagues twice a month (starts Jan.25th), with open miniature gaming on limited tables. Sign-up for open gaming tables is encouraged.

alternating – Magic the Gathering event
alternating – Hero Clix
2nd Sunday of the month – Board Game Day

We are also pleased to offer other special events, such as Magic Pre-Releases and Game Days, in-store signings, and Netrunner and X-Wing tournaments to be announced.

More details on all these events are available on the Events Calendar.

New Gaming at The Dragon!

We are very pleased to be announcing the following new events happening at The Dragon:

sw xw logo1. Star Wars X-Wing Minis are here! Responding to the huge demand from customers, we have decided to start running league play in the store on 2 Saturdays a month, from 2:30-6:30pm. The first one will be Saturday, January 25th. There will be several weeks of league play, with the winners (based on points) receiving cool exclusive prizes. More details to follow.

netrunner logo2. Netrunner has been added to the calendar on the same Saturdays as X-Wing from 10-2, beginning Saturday, January 25th. As with X-Wing, there will be league play with exclusive prizes.

3. We will be having Championship Tournaments for both X-Wing and Netrunner in March!

logo4. Once a month on Saturday will be a Warhammer 40k Day, on which we will have special events or tournaments. The first one of these would ordinarily be February 1st, but as that is our Magic Pre-Release, we may have to postpone. Details to follow.

store wars

5. Store Wars! Check out for all the details about this tournament circuit. The short version is that The Dragon has joined 4 other stores for a Warmachine tournament circuit, culminating in a Grand Tournament in May/June. There will be a Major and a Minor tournament at each store involved, where players can earn points based    on their standings. At the end of the season, the players with the highest points totals will be admitted to the Grand Tournament with a chance to win amazing prizes! Our Major tournament will be on February 22nd, with our Minor tournament to follow in March.

We hope you are as excited as we are about all these new events!

As usual, Magic remains on Thursdays (casual) and Fridays (FNM) with alternating Sundays; Board Games are the 2nd Sunday of every month; Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh are on Wednesdays from 3-6pm; HeroClix is on alternating Sundays.

See you soon!