Top of the Pile: July 9th

Jenn: Grayson #1 – Of all the characters in DC Comics, this is the one which has had the most consistent and continuous character development. I’m excited to see where this newest development will lead.

Amy: Rocket Girl tpb – I’ve always loved Amy Reeder’s art. I read the first issue of this series and was hooked. I’m looking forward to reading the rest!

Bre: Adventure Time Banana Guard Academy #1 – Why? Because it’s Adventure Time, and it’s also written by one of the show’s writers, Kent Osborne.

Caleb: Suicide Squad #1 – It’s Deadshot in a new ongoing series.

Felix: Batman Eternal #14 – I liked the first 8 issues, but then it kind of lagged a bit for me. I’m looking forward to this one to see if it can return to the quality of the beginning.

Jer: Barbarian Lord – It’s barbarians! And the art’s fantastic!

Kevin: Spider-Man 2099 #1 – I enjoyed this character’s storyline in Superior Spider-Man and am looking forward to seeing how it continues.

Top of the Pile: June 25th

Top of the Pile are the books the staff are most looking forward to reading this week:

death sentenceJenn: Death Sentence HC – This book was at the top of my pile each week it came out. A neat twist on the superhero trope; a virus starts delivering super powers, but with the highest price of all: death.


Amy: Superman #32 – I can’t wait to see John Romita Jr draw Superman!!


saga #20

Bre: Saga #20 – the only description is “Something terrible happens”….


ms marvel #5Hannah: Ms. Marvel #5 



BOOM_Six_Gun_Gorilla_TP_thumbJer: Six Gun Gorilla tp – Aaaaapes iiiiin Spaaaaace!!


Caleb: Big Damn Sin City – It’s so huge!! big damn sin city

Top of the Pile: May 21st

Jenn: Forever Evil #7 – I just have to see how they wrap this one up!

Amy: The Last Broadcast #1 – New series from Boom! with conspiracy, vaudeville, and the occult.

Hannah: Saga #19 – First issue to pick up after tpb vol.3.

Bre: Harley Quinn #6 – Can’t get enough of Harley’s antics!

Caleb: Ultimate FF #2 – The ultimate universe continues to reinvent these characters.

Top of the Pile: May 14th


Jenn: Manifest Destiny vol.1 – This series is a top of the pile read for me every month! Lewis and Clark’s expedition into the New World reveal horrible creatures beyond imagining.  Extremely well-written with great art.




Amy: All New Ghost Rider #3 – This new version of Ghost Rider has me hooked! Don’t let the change from a motorcycle to a muscle car keep you from reading this book. It’s action packed and a treat for the eyes.



Bre: God is Dead vol.1 – I chose my pick of the week because it is a unique concept that incorporates the Gods of many different cultures and particularly from the ancient era. Also, the art is very detailed and the colours bring the Gods to life.


Hannah: Tales from the Con #1



Top of the Pile: May 7th

Jenn: Madame Frankenstein #1 – I’m a big fan of Jamie Rich’s writing, and Megan Levens’ art is really fresh and engaging.

Amy: I Kill Giants Anniversary Edition tp – A coming of age story about a girl desperately trying to escape her reality, this book is one of the most emotionally driven graphic novels I have ever read. It is witty, fantastical, dark and tragic and will show the reader how real a comic character can be.

Hannah: True Lives of Fabulous Killjoys TP – colourful storyline, chance to see rocker Gerard Way’s debut as a comic book writer, and has music videos by My Chemical Romance that play along with the series!

Bre: Nailbiter #1 – The first of a new series, this comic really excites me because it focuses on the minds of serial killers. For someone interested in criminology/criminal law, this will be an awesome read!

Caleb: Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man

Top of the Pile: April 23rd

This is our weekly list of what the staff of The Dragon is most looking forward to reading.

sheltered 8Jenn: Sheltered #8 – This is always my first read when it comes out. It’s a Lord of the Flies-esque story of survival, in which certain kids, afraid of what will happen when the apocalypse comes, kill their own parents in order to ensure their own longevity. It never fails to leave me wanting more.


 elektra 1


Bre: Elektra #1 – Elektra has always been on of my favourite female super heroines and Michael Del Mundo is an amazing artist.





Jer: Sovereign #2 – two words: Chris Roberson…..loved his iZombie and Cinderella spy stuff; looking forward to reading this fantasy story.





Amy: Original Sin #0 – The Watcher had been killed. Without him, who will keep the secrets of the Marvel Universe safe?




Hannah: Books of Magic tpb – High expectations for Gaiman, gorgeous artwork, great for fans of Harry Potter.



Top of the Pile: April 16th

These are the books the staff are most excited to read this week:

Jenn: Captain Action Cat #1 – I’m always excited to see what Art Baltazar and Franco (creative team behind Tiny Titans, Superman Family Adventures, and Aw Yeah Comics) have come up with next.

Amy: Three Thieves vol.4 King’s Dragon – This fantasy series by local Scott Chantler will appeal to fans of Bone, Amulet and Castle Waiting.  Check out the book trailer here:

Hannah: Sex Criminals vol.1 – It’s got a feisty female protagonist and lots of sexual innuendos. Plus it’s drawn by Torontonian Chip Zdarsky!

Bre: Harley Quinn #5 – The new issue introduces a lot of her well-deserved enemies and promises some violence. Should be a good continuation of her character development after meeting her neighbours in issue #4.

Caleb: Ultimate FF #1 – Because anything in the Ultimate universe is my top of the pile.

Top of the Pile: April 9th, 2014

Top of the Pile is a weekly list of the books that The Dragon staff are most excited to read.

astro city 11Jenn: A big toss-up between a few books this week, but Astro City #11 wins the day. This series has always been one of my favourites, and the recent series has been one of the best!  This issue starts a new story arc. You can check out the first tpb of the new series, “Shining Stars”, this week as well.


all new x-men 25


Amy: All New X-Men #25. This anniversary issue includes art by a bunch of great artists, including Bruce Timm and Alex Ross.



Victor: East of West vol.2, because I love Westerns, Sci-Fi and The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.




Bre: Cosplayers (one-shot), because cosplaying is one of my passions, and it looks like this one shot comic is going to put a hilarious twist on it!

lumberjanes 1



Hannah: Lumberjanes #1, because it looks awesome!


an ultimates 1


Caleb: All New Ultimates #1, because it is the new chapter for the Ultimates.

Top of the Pile: April 2nd, 2014

Welcome to Top of the Pile! This is a new weekly column we’ll be posting on the website to tell you what the staff are most excited to read this week. Now, I know some of you out there put your favourite books at the bottom of your reading pile each week, but since Jenn does the opposite and puts the book she can’t wait to read on the top of her pile, we’re doing it that way. You’ll be able to find these books in-store with signs indicating each staff member’s Top of the Pile.

So, here we go!

superman red son

Jenn: Superman Red Son New Edition
This is absolutely one of the best Superman stories out there, and also ranks, in my opinion, as one of the best graphic novels out there, period.


Amy: Hinterkind vol.1hinterkind
I love a good post-apocalyptic story and this one has the added bonus of fairy tale creatures mixed in! After humans having control of the planet for so long, it’s only right that the fairies, elves and monsters would be a little peeved at the state of things.

deadpoolvscarnage1cvrVictor: Carnage vs. Deadpool #1
Action, murder, vengeance/revenge.


Bre: Dead Letters #1dead letters


black widowHannah: Black Widow #5


ultimate spiderman 200

Caleb: Ultimate Spider-Man #200