Upcoming Events at The Dragon

store wars

This Saturday is our Store Wars Warmachine Major tournament. It’s your first chance to score valuable points to get you into the Grand Tournament. There are only a few spots left, so sign up now! The next Major tournament will be at Black Knight Games on March 8th. For more information on format, etc., visit www.facebook.com/storewars.ca


This weekend, you’ll also find us set up in the Dealer’s Room at Con-G at the Delta Hotel in Guelph. This is always a great con, and we hope to see you there! For more information, visit www.con-g.com

born of the gods

Next weekend is Magic weekend at The Dragon, starting with Game Day on Saturday, March 1st. This is a totally free Standard tournament, with all participants getting a promo card, and the top 8 getting an exclusive foil promo card. You can also Battle the Horde in Challenge deck battles taking place on the side. Registration begins at 10:30, and length of play will be determined by number of participants. No sign-up necessary, just come and join the fun!

On Sunday, March 2nd, we have our Grand Prix Trial for Montreal. This tournament is $35, and uses the Sealed deck format (3 Theros, 3 Born of the Gods packs). Registration begins at 10am, with deck building beginning at 10:30. Prizing is 3 packs per person into the prize pool. The length of the tournament will be determined by number of players, which is capped at 32. There will be no lunch break in this tournament. The latest it will run is 4:30pm. Sign-up is open now, pre-payment not required.

Magic GPT Montreal: Sunday, March 2nd

Grand Prix Trials MTG

The Dragon is pleased to announce our Magic GPT Montreal on Sunday, March 2nd.

Registration: 10am and deck building will begin at 10:30.

Entry Fee: $35

Format: Sealed Deck Event (3 Theros, 3 Born of the Gods)

Number of Players: maximum 32 players.

Length: The length will be determined by the number of players, but should end no later than 4pm. Note there will be no lunch break during this event

Prizing: 3 packs per person into the prize pool. The winner receives a 2 round bye for the Montreal Grand Prix. If we have 20 or more players, the winner will also receive $100 in cash (if there are fewer than 20, the winner will receive a portion of the packs from the prize pool).

Born of the Gods Pre-Release Results!

born of the gods

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend for our Pre-Releases! We filled 122 spots over the 6 tournaments. This is the first time we’ve run so many events, and we’d love some feedback on how you think it went. In the meantime, below is our list of winners! If you’d like to know how you fared specifically, let us know.

Saturday Morning: top 13 out of 32 players
1 – Chris Chop
2 – Steve Keeffe
3 – Matt Lehoux
4 – Kevin Bowley
5 – Rory Hume
6 – Michael Walker
7 – Jacob Parliament
8 – Daniel Morrant-Rolston
9 – Nate Tyndall
10 – Nathan Luck
11 – Oliver Tremblay
12 – Mackenzie Kerr
13 – Nathan Jones

Saturday Afternoon
Pod #1: top 6 out of 14 players

1 – Daniel Morrant-Rolston
2 – Lucas Poca
3 – Michael Walker
4 – Lucas Kuemmling
5 – Andy Bolton
6 – Alexander Evans

Pod #2: top 6 out of 15 players
1 – Eric Peacock
2 – Dan Hauser
3 – Doria Keung
4 – Jessica Buchanan
5 – Michael Rogers
6 – Adam Porter

Sunday Morning: top 12 out of 29 players
1. Eddie Cheung
2. Lucas Kuemmling
3. Sam Titizian
4. Chris Chop
5. Josh Hanneson
6. Daniel Morrant-Rolston
7. Steve Keeffe
8. Chris Bowley
9. Lucas Poca
10. Graham O’Brien
11. Andrew Kirkconnell
12. Matthew Mohan

Sunday Afternoon
Pod #1: top 6 out of 16 players

1. Daniel Morrant-Rolston
2. Jonathan Lawson
3. Graham O’Brien
4. Felix Palmer
5. Evan Gravely
6. Colby Warkentin

Pod #2: top 6 out of 16 players
1. Matt Blong
2. Ryan East
3. Zach Grove
4. Darren Kelly
5. Pat Zuk
6. Evan Smith

Thanks to all our players for supporting events at The Dragon!