New Games in Stock!

New in this week:

TTRBoard and Card Games:

Ticket to Ride 10th Anniversary Edition
Munchkin Legends
Warmachine High Command Invasion of Sul
Ascension: Realms Unravelled






Pokemon Pyroar Box
Yu Gi Oh Realm of Light Deck






wave4-layoutMiniatures Games:

Star Wars X-Wing Z-95 Headhunter
Star Wars X-Wing Tie Defender
Star Wars X-Wing E-Wing
Star Wars X-Wing Tie Phantom
Warhammer 40K: Orks Codex
WarmaHordes Retribution Imperatus Hvy Warjack
WarmaHordes Convergence Galvanizer Lt Vector
WarmaHordes Circle Gnarlhorn/Riphorn/Shadowhorn Hvy Warbeast


And… We got our Star Trek Attack Wing OP kit in. Look for information on our upcoming STAW events.


Top of the Pile: June 25th

Top of the Pile are the books the staff are most looking forward to reading this week:

death sentenceJenn: Death Sentence HC – This book was at the top of my pile each week it came out. A neat twist on the superhero trope; a virus starts delivering super powers, but with the highest price of all: death.


Amy: Superman #32 – I can’t wait to see John Romita Jr draw Superman!!


saga #20

Bre: Saga #20 – the only description is “Something terrible happens”….


ms marvel #5Hannah: Ms. Marvel #5 



BOOM_Six_Gun_Gorilla_TP_thumbJer: Six Gun Gorilla tp – Aaaaapes iiiiin Spaaaaace!!


Caleb: Big Damn Sin City – It’s so huge!! big damn sin city

Store Wars: Warmachine

store wars

Congratulations to our own Dustin McWhirter for placing 3rd overall in the Store Wars Grand Tournament!

That concludes this circuit of Store Wars. The next circuit starts July 5th and will be X-Wing miniatures! Our minor tournament will be July 19th, and our major will be September 6th. For more information on Store Wars, visit