Top of the Pile: July 9th

Jenn: Grayson #1 – Of all the characters in DC Comics, this is the one which has had the most consistent and continuous character development. I’m excited to see where this newest development will lead.

Amy: Rocket Girl tpb – I’ve always loved Amy Reeder’s art. I read the first issue of this series and was hooked. I’m looking forward to reading the rest!

Bre: Adventure Time Banana Guard Academy #1 – Why? Because it’s Adventure Time, and it’s also written by one of the show’s writers, Kent Osborne.

Caleb: Suicide Squad #1 – It’s Deadshot in a new ongoing series.

Felix: Batman Eternal #14 – I liked the first 8 issues, but then it kind of lagged a bit for me. I’m looking forward to this one to see if it can return to the quality of the beginning.

Jer: Barbarian Lord – It’s barbarians! And the art’s fantastic!

Kevin: Spider-Man 2099 #1 – I enjoyed this character’s storyline in Superior Spider-Man and am looking forward to seeing how it continues.

Star Wars Store Wars

store wars


The next tournament circuit is going to feature the X-Wing Miniatures game and we have some very exciting details to tell you! First here are the dates for the Minor and Major tournaments.

sw xw logoMinors
July 5th Black Knight Games
July 19th The Dragon
July 26th Forbes Hobbies
August 2nd Hobby Kingdom
August 9th Phoenix Rising
August 23rd X Planet Games

August 30th Black Knight Games
September 6th The Dragon
September 13th Forbes Hobbies
September 27th Hobby Kingdom
October 4th Phoenix Rising
October 11th X Planet Games

Players will be awarded points for participating and ranking in the top 10, with more points being awarded at a Major and less at a Minor. They are as follows:

Participation 2/1
10th 4/2
9th 6/3
8th 8/4
7th 10/5
6th 12/6
5th 15/8
4th 18/10
3rd 22/13
2nd 26/16
1st 31/20

The points awarded will be in addition to in store credit prizes that will also be handed out at each event. At the end of the season, the top 16 players with the most points will earn a free entry to participate in the X-Wing Canadian Nationals that will be held October 25th!

The top 16 players will also receive a Store Wars t-shirt in recognition of their achievement.

For those players that cannot actively participate in the Store Wars circuit, there will be 16 places that will be open to the public. Two places will be held for the Canadian Regional Champions (one from Phoenix Rising and one from Kingston Nexus Hobbies) with the remaining 14 places open to the general public. Registration for these tickets will open October 12th with details coming soon regarding the price of the tickets and how to register.

So there you have it! After having a great time battling your way through tournaments, it all ends with your chance at becoming the Canadian Champion!

We would like to thank Lion Rampant Imports for giving us the opportunity to do this.

Magic M15 Pre-Release Details


All events will be $25 entry fee. Please pre-pay to secure your spot and choice of colour. If you pre-pay, you can skip the registration time-slot, although we ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes before deck-building begins.

Although Wizards has ratcheted back their support for this event, we are continuing to max out available prizing for your tournament fees. To that end, we will provide 3 packs per person into the prize pool. This can be taken in packs from any set we currently carry, or in the form of prize credit to be spent on anything in the store.

We are again running 6 events:
SATURDAY MORNING; 2 tournaments with 16 people each
registration: 9:30-10am with deck-building to follow
4 rounds of play with a break for lunch in the middle.
Play will conclude at 3pm with prizing to follow.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: 1 tournament with 16 people
registration 2:45-3:15 with deck-building to follow
4 rounds of play with no meal break
Play will conclude at 7:45 with prizing to follow.

SUNDAY MORNING: 2 tournament with 16 people each
registration 9:30-10am with deck-building to follow
4 rounds of play with a break for lunch in the middle
Play will conclude at 3pm with prizing to follow.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: 1 tournament with 8 people
registration from 12:45-1:15 with deck-building to follow
3 rounds of play with no meal break
Play will conclude at 4:45 with prizing to follow.

Sign-up is open now!