Soooo many new games!!

The Dragon has added a heap of new releases to our shelves:

Magic Holiday Gift Boxes

collector chestPokemon: Hoenn Collection, Best of B&W Tins series 2, World Championship Decks 2014, Collector’s Chest, and XY Phantom Forces boosters and starters

Munchkin Loot Letter, Holidazed, and Game Changers

D&D Icons of the Realms: Tiamat and Bahamut

Attack Wing D&D Starters and Wave 1 Miniatures

Attack Wing Star Trek Mirror Defiant and Chang’s Bird of Prey

YGO The New Challengers boosters and Noble Knights of the Round Table

DC Heroclix Flash boosters and Rogues Fast Forces

King of New York

Settlers of Ancient Egypt

cover_lgHipster Dice

MLP CCG: Celestial Solstice Deluxe Boxed Set

Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men Set-up Box, Starters, Gravity Feed, Deck Box

Santa Claus Parade!



Are you going to the parade? We’ve been working with the city of Guelph on the theme of this year’s parade: Canadian superheroes! The first float will feature iconic Canadian Superheroes:

Superman – his co-creator, Joe Shuster, was Canadian and set Clark Kent’s early adventures in a Toronto skyline, working for the Toronto Star

Wolverine – the Weapon X project was a top-secret project located in Canada

Nelvana of the Northern Lights – the world’s first superheroine was an Inuit, and based on a real person! A member of her community is coming from Ottawa to play her on the float

Equinox – created by Torontonian Jeff Lemire for the new DC series, Justice League United

Captain Canuck – created by former Guelph resident Richard Comely

Arrowhead – Guelph’s own Jay Stephens created this hero for the True Patriot anthology


The Dragon will also be in the parade, rocking out to the music of the duo “Pulled from Panels”. If you’re interested in cosplaying along with us, and haven’t gotten in touch yet, check out our Facebook event for more details.

After the parade, from 2:30-4pm, come to The Dragon to meet the superheroes! We will also have Jay Stephens, Kalman Andrasofszky, who designed the new Captain Canuck costume, and Nelvana historian Hope Nicholson.

We will have books for sale of the various heroes, as well as a special limited edition print of the characters, created by Jay Stephens.

We hope you can join us for this super-special event!!