Magic Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release

It’s coming! Don’t miss out on our next great pre-release for Dragons of Tarkir. Play as one of the Dragon clans with a special pre-release pack which includes a promo and cards specially designed for your clan.

We are running 4 time slots: Saturday at 10am and 4pm, and Sunday at 10am and 4pm. Registration begins half an hour before game play. All games will be 4 rounds.

All tournaments are $25 with 3 packs going into the prize pool.
Prizing will be determined by record, with 2 or more wins earning packs.
PLUS! Anyone who enters a tournament in all 4 time slots will be entered to win a From the Vault Realms! Ooooh!

Register now (in person, by email, phone, Facebook, or Twitter) and let us know what clan you’d like to play. Payment may be made on the day of, with cash only.

The clans are:
Dromoka – Green/White
Ojutai – Blue/White
Silumgar – Blue/Black
Kolaghan – Red/Black
Atarka – Green/Red

As an added bonus, all Dragons of Tarkir supplies (playmats, sleeves, and boxes) will be 25% off for pre-release players.

Hope to see you there!