Magic – New Pricing

Well, it had to happen eventually…

You all know that the dollar has been flagging severely for close to a year now. In fact, it has now hit an 11 year low. It’s bad, really bad. Slowly, prices all over the store have been creeping up as a result, as 99% of what we sell is produced in the US. We have done everything we can to keep costs down, including reducing our margins on product (despite increasing overhead costs) and shopping around for the cheapest prices. As always it remains our mandate to give you products for the best possible price we can. So far, we have not increased the price of our booster packs for Magic. But, now, with great reluctance, the time has come.
So, effective with the release of Battle for Zendikar, the single pack price will be $4.99 plus tax, with a 3-pack deal of $13.50. Boxes will cost $128 for the first week, as promised, with the price going to $162+tax after that. Any set that we still have boosters for will remain at $3.99 until we have to do a restock, at which point, they will go up to $4.99 (hint: it’s a good time to stock up on the Khans block!).
As for the rest of the Zendikar pricing:
Fat Packs will be $49.99
Event Decks will be $31.99
Intros will be $18.99
So, what happens with prize credit? Don’t worry, you will still get equivalent packs at the old prize pack price! So, if you got $3.50 in credit at the pre-release, you will be able to redeem it for a booster of Zendikar. We will keep the prize pack price the same for 2 weeks past the release of Zendikar, so use up that credit if you want to use it on single packs. We will be revising our whole prizing structure over the next week and will make an announcement soon.
Single cards will be on sale at open on Friday morning. The full list of rares and foils is posted on our Facebook page!
Thanks for your continued support of The Dragon, and we hope to see you soon!

New Comic Delay: Labour Day

We hope that everyone had a fun and safe Labour Day holiday yesterday!

Due to the holiday our comic order for this week will not be arriving until tomorrow. This means that comics will not be available until the afternoon on Wednesday September 9th.

We will let you know when they hit the shelves! Sorry for the inconvenience & short notice!