New Subscription Policy

For 17 years, we have offered you one of the most flexible subscription policies of any store, anywhere. Unfortunately, we’ve had a large number of customers abandon their subscriptions over the years, resulting in us having to reshelve thousands upon thousands of dollars of books. There are three negative side-effects to this.

  1. Customers who really want those books can’t get them, because they’re being held by someone who isn’t actually going to pick them up.
  2. By the time they are pulled from an abandoned sub and placed on the shelves, they’re no longer in demand.
  3. This leads to an ever-growing stock of backissues, which pile up so quickly, that we have to rent an off-site storage unit just to house them all.

The long and short of this is that we have thousands of dollars in lost sales every year, with an increasing expense in staff costs to maintain the backissues and rental costs to store them.

We’ve been thinking long and hard about how to develop our policy so that it is fair to everyone, and also financially feasible for us. As a result, we have come up with this solution. This policy will go into place on Wednesday, August 3rd.

  • All subscribers must provide us with an email address
  • If we do not see you within 1 month, we will send a courtesy email
    • We hope you will take the time to come and clear out your box, or cancel your subscription
    • If we do not hear from you 1 week from the email being sent, we will put your books back on the shelf and stop your subscription
    • Everyone loses track of time – you can reactivate your subscription once after it has been stopped, however, if your subscription is stopped twice, we ask that you shop from the shelves, rather than subscription
  • If you know you will be unable to pick up your books within a month, you can choose to be put on credit card terms, where your books will be automatically charged to your credit card each week. You then own them and can pick them up when you return.
  • We expect you will clear out your subscription box on each visit. If you are leaving books in your box, books older than 1 month will be re-shelved.*
  • Please keep on top of your subscription – If you know you don’t want to keep reading a series, please cancel it as soon as possible.

*We will begin reshelving books older than a month after close on Tuesday, August 9th. If you have books lingering in your box, make a plan to pick them up asap!

Thank you for your understanding and your ongoing support of The Dragon.