Our Canada 150 WINNER

Congratulations to TYLER JIRIK for winning the $150 gift card in our Canada 150 contest!

Want to know what the results were? Here you go:

1. World’s BiggestĀ Monuments – Meghan

IĀ  love the crazy “world’s largest” monuments because they both represent a pride in place and history (most of the choices are grounded in something about the area) and an ability to have fun with that pride and history and not take it too seriously.




2. The Rainbow Kid (2015) dir: Kire Paputts. – Stephen

What I find about The Rainbow Kid that is uniquely Canadian its emotional power, its dry wit, and its fearlessness. All things I tie into Canadians and Canadian film as an artform.



3. The Group of Seven – Amy

The Group of Seven is important to me as a Canadian because of how they all created recognisable depictions of the Canadian landscape, but each with their own unique and individual style. Multiple voices showcasing the same love of this beautiful country.




4. The Littlest Hobo – Jenn

A roaming German shepherd visits various parts of Ontario and helps people in need. The Littlest Hobo is a true Canadian! Featuring countless guest stars like Leslie Nielsen, and locations like Canada’s Wonderland, this is a true Canadian gem.



5. WWII Veterans – Sean

An Irish immigrant that who barely lived here for a decade enlisted into the army because half a world away people no longer were afforded the same freedoms that he was. His story is not unique and that is what seems worthy of celebration. A lot of our military history has been defined by how we chose to help those throughout the world.



6. Prisoners of Gravity – Robert

‘Prisoners of Gravity’ was the greatest show about comics ever made. Hosted by Mark Askwith, it boasted interviews with people like Ray Bradbury, Stan Lee, Gene Roddenberry, and Alan Moore. The comic sequence which formed the opening of the show was drawn by Ty Templeton, who we were happy to have as a guest of the store last March.


7. The Music of BA Johnston – Will

Like a schlubby 21st-century Stompin’ Tom, BA Johnston mines the dirty details of South Ontario life for humour, beauty, and lots and lots of grease.





8. Canadian Wildlife – Shawn

Ever since I was really little I loved animals more than anything but Canadian wildlife, especially the moose has a special place in my heart. I go camping a lot and always find myself thinking that nowhere else in the world could you just drive about an hour north of the city and see these amazing animals.




9. Kids in the Hall – Caleb

I’ve loved “Kids in the Hall” since I was a child just because of the zany story ideas and ridiculous rule-breaking comedy techniques. The pen sketch is a perfect example of how they would regularly take a social situation that others would see as menial and play up the hyperbole to make it hilarious.



10. Legalized Same-Sex Marriage – Sandy

Canada was the 4th nation to legalize same sex marriage in 2005, but Ontario did it in 2003.





11. NFB: Blackfly Song – Katie

Picking just one Canadian thing was too hard, so I went with something that combined two of my loves: Canadian folk music & nature! Complaining about being eaten alive by black flies is a quintessential part of growing up in Northern Ontario and this animated feature from the National Film Board has stuck with me since childhood.


12. Anne of Green Gables – Monica

An iconic piece of Canadian literature, read throughout the world, and a large part of my childhood.




We hope you enjoyed learning about the staff, as much as we enjoyed figuring out our favourite Canadian thing! See you soon!

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