New Hours for our Downtown Store

As of October 1st, we are adjusting our hours slightly for our Downtown location only. Our new hours will be:

Sunday 10-5
Monday 10-5
Tuesday 10-5
Wednesday 10-9
Thursday 10-7
Friday 10-9
Saturday 10-6

All of our regularly scheduled events will still be running in their usual time-slots, they might just end a little earlier than before.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


The Dragon is official 19 years old, which makes it old enough to drink!
To celebrate, we partnered with StoneHammer Brewery to make our very own beer: Firebreather. It’s a blackened pilsner. In their words: “A variation of Schwarzbier, this beer pours a dark brown verging on black with deep ruby highlights. Clear aroma with a subtle hint of light roast coffee. Toasted graham cracker, with noble hop flavour leads into a clean finish without astringency. A clean, slightly more complex lager perfect for the changing seasons.”

Even better, if you find yourself at a location with Firebreather, take a pic of yourself drinking it, tag us and StoneHammer on social media, and tell us where you’re drinking! You’ll be entered in a prize pack from The Dragon and StoneHammer.

Join us on Saturday at the Downtown store from 1-5 for a signing with comics superstar Ken Lashley, then head on over to the eBar from 5-7 to try some Firebreather and hang out!

PLUS! Double Dragon rewards on all purchases at BOTH stores, and a massive Backissue Blitz Downtown.

The Dragon is hiring!

We’re looking for an outgoing individual, who knows Magic and Pokemon, and likes to work with kids. Retail experience is preferred but not necessary.

Applicants must be able to work 3-9:30 Wednesdays and Fridays, and 11-7 on Saturdays, with occasional shifts Thursdays and Sundays.

Please submit your resume in person to either location by September 7th. Interviews will be conducted on September 9th, with the position commencing in the week of September 10th.

Welcome Back Students and Happy Birthday Dragon!

Ah, September! Students are heading back to school, or arriving for the first time to embark on an exciting new chapter in their lives. And The Dragon is celebrating its 19th birthday! We have an absolutely PACKED calendar for September!

Anniversary Celebrations!

Beer! We made a beer with Stonehammer Brewery. It’s currently fermenting. What better way to celebrate The Dragon hitting legal drinking age, than with drinks! This blackened pilsner will be available at Stonehammer, and at select bars and restaurants in Guelph.

Backissue Blitz returns! Starting September 10th until September 30th, we will have long boxes out front of the store, with everything discounted to $1 or less, depending on how much you buy!

Double Rewards Days! September 10th to 16th will be double rewards days! That means you get 10 points for every dollar you spend in store any day that week.

Ken Lashley! This amazing artist will be signing in the store on Saturday, September 16th as well!


Magic: Ixalan
On top of everything else, Magic the Gathering is releasing their pirates vs dinosaurs set, Ixalan, in September. Join our Open House on September 16th to 17th at both locations, followed by Prerelease events September 23-24, and Draft weekend September 30-October 1.

Plus, we’ve got a Pokemon League Cup, Magic PPTQ, X-Wing Tournament, Warmachine Tournament, and really, more events than you can shake a stick at! I’m exhausted just typing all of this!!


New to Guelph?
The Dragon has 2 locations! We carry almost the same things at both locations, although Downtown has all the miniature gaming (South has some X-Wing).

We run Magic, D&D, and Pokemon at both locations, plus miniature gaming Downtown.

We offer a free subscription service. Only going to be here for the school year? No problem! We can handle that!

AND, we have Dragon Rewards! You’ll earn 5 points for every dollar you spend and then you’ll get to redeem those points off future purchases.

See you soon!

Our Canada 150 WINNER

Congratulations to TYLER JIRIK for winning the $150 gift card in our Canada 150 contest!

Want to know what the results were? Here you go:

1. World’s Biggest Monuments – Meghan

I  love the crazy “world’s largest” monuments because they both represent a pride in place and history (most of the choices are grounded in something about the area) and an ability to have fun with that pride and history and not take it too seriously.




2. The Rainbow Kid (2015) dir: Kire Paputts. – Stephen

What I find about The Rainbow Kid that is uniquely Canadian its emotional power, its dry wit, and its fearlessness. All things I tie into Canadians and Canadian film as an artform.



3. The Group of Seven – Amy

The Group of Seven is important to me as a Canadian because of how they all created recognisable depictions of the Canadian landscape, but each with their own unique and individual style. Multiple voices showcasing the same love of this beautiful country.




4. The Littlest Hobo – Jenn

A roaming German shepherd visits various parts of Ontario and helps people in need. The Littlest Hobo is a true Canadian! Featuring countless guest stars like Leslie Nielsen, and locations like Canada’s Wonderland, this is a true Canadian gem.



5. WWII Veterans – Sean

An Irish immigrant that who barely lived here for a decade enlisted into the army because half a world away people no longer were afforded the same freedoms that he was. His story is not unique and that is what seems worthy of celebration. A lot of our military history has been defined by how we chose to help those throughout the world.



6. Prisoners of Gravity – Robert

‘Prisoners of Gravity’ was the greatest show about comics ever made. Hosted by Mark Askwith, it boasted interviews with people like Ray Bradbury, Stan Lee, Gene Roddenberry, and Alan Moore. The comic sequence which formed the opening of the show was drawn by Ty Templeton, who we were happy to have as a guest of the store last March.


7. The Music of BA Johnston – Will

Like a schlubby 21st-century Stompin’ Tom, BA Johnston mines the dirty details of South Ontario life for humour, beauty, and lots and lots of grease.





8. Canadian Wildlife – Shawn

Ever since I was really little I loved animals more than anything but Canadian wildlife, especially the moose has a special place in my heart. I go camping a lot and always find myself thinking that nowhere else in the world could you just drive about an hour north of the city and see these amazing animals.




9. Kids in the Hall – Caleb

I’ve loved “Kids in the Hall” since I was a child just because of the zany story ideas and ridiculous rule-breaking comedy techniques. The pen sketch is a perfect example of how they would regularly take a social situation that others would see as menial and play up the hyperbole to make it hilarious.



10. Legalized Same-Sex Marriage – Sandy

Canada was the 4th nation to legalize same sex marriage in 2005, but Ontario did it in 2003.





11. NFB: Blackfly Song – Katie

Picking just one Canadian thing was too hard, so I went with something that combined two of my loves: Canadian folk music & nature! Complaining about being eaten alive by black flies is a quintessential part of growing up in Northern Ontario and this animated feature from the National Film Board has stuck with me since childhood.


12. Anne of Green Gables – Monica

An iconic piece of Canadian literature, read throughout the world, and a large part of my childhood.




We hope you enjoyed learning about the staff, as much as we enjoyed figuring out our favourite Canadian thing! See you soon!



You’ve asked for it… you got it!

It’s a Loyalty Program for our customers!

Here’s how it works: for every $1 you spend at The Dragon (before tax), you’ll receive FIVE points.* You’ll even get 100 bonus points just for signing up, or if you’re already in our system, you’ll get it the next time you’re in!

It costs absolutely nothing to be enrolled in the program! It’s so simple: When you’ve got enough points to redeem, our staff will ask you if you’d like to use your points, and voila! you’re saving money. How much money?

Points You get:
800 $5
1500 $10
2800 $20
5000 $50
9000 $100

This program is so good, you gain savings 3x faster than with Plum Rewards! and all just for being our customer. So, come on in and start earning Dragon Rewards today!

*not in combination with other offers or discount programs

Top 16 Graphic Novels for June 2017

This month, we’re super excited about the number of books on this list that we’re calling NEW WAVE!

What’s New Wave?
It’s not all ages, but has some all-ages books! It’s not mature, but has some books with swearing! It’s mostly fiction, but with some other genres included! These are books that are modern and edgy, and which appeal to a new breed of comic readers. You can check out our selection of New Wave books at each store, and when you see the selection, we think you’ll get it. And if you like a book in that section, you now have a new shelf to shop from in the store! A shelf made with you in mind!

So, without further ado, here’s our Top 16 for June!

  1. DC Super Hero Girls vol.3 by Shea Fontana and Yancey Labat (DC Comics)
  2. Wicked and Divine vol.5 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (Image Comics)
  3. Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire (Top Shelf Comix)
  4. Lumberjanes vol.1 by Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, and Brooke A Allen (Boom! Studios)
  5. Giant Days vol.5 by John Allison and Max Sarin (Boom! Studios)
  6. Descender vol.4 by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen (Image Comics)
  7. Brave by Svetlana Chmakova (Yen Press)
  8. Teen Titans vol.1 Damian Knows Best by Benjamin Percy and Jonboy Meyers (DC Comics)
  9. Lumberjanes vol.3 by Noelle Stevenson, Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, and Brooke A Allen (Boom! Studios)
  10. Archie vol.1 by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples (Archie Comics)
  11. Motor Crush vol.1 by Brendan Fletcher and Cameron Stewart (Image Comics)
  12. Nameless by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham (Image Comics)
  13. Doom Patrol vol.1 by Gerard Way and Nick Derington (DC Comics/Young Animal)
  14. Wonder Woman vol.2 Year One (Rebirth) by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott (DC Comics)
  15. Paper Girls vol.1 by Brian K Vaughn and Cliff Chiang (Image Comics)
  16. Lady Mechanika vol.1 by Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald (Benitez Productions)

Want to win a $150 gift card for The Dragon?

Canada is turning 150 years old this week, and we want to celebrate by giving one lucky (or knowledgeable) customer a $150 gift card!

All week on Facebook we’ll be sharing some awesome Canadian touchstones; these are things that we think of as quintessentially Canadian.

Each member of The Dragon team has provided their Canadian touchstone that we’ll be sharing with you. Your job is to figure out which staff member picked which thing!

At the end of the week, you’ll be able to fill out a short survey matching the staff member with their moment, and the most accurate result will win! If there’s a tie, the winner will be chosen based on the number of shares and likes of our posts during the week.

We’ll post a link to a survey on Saturday, and then you have until July 6th to get your selections in!

Summer Camps at The Dragon

Join us for week-long summer camps!

July 17th to 21st at our South-end location
July 31st to August 4th at our Downtown location

July 10th to 14th at our Downtown location
August 14th to 18th at our South-end location

August 21st to 25th at BOTH locations

12 to 4pm Monday to Friday — $100


Each has 2 staff members running the event. Magic and Pokemon are capped at 16 participants, and D&D is capped at 8 participants. Enroll now to make sure we have space available! Camps are recommended for ages 8 to 16. Each participant of these camps will get a Dragon Summer Camp t-shirt, as well as other great freebies, tbd!


Lastly, we have a Comic Creation Workshop, running on August 10th from 10am to 4pm. Monica and Stephen will walk you through the process of creating a comic, as you create your own! We will be binding all the comics into one book for the participants after the day. Please bring a lunch! This workshop costs $35 and is capped at 20 participants. We recommend this workshop for age 12 and up.


Please note, we will not be providing food, so please bring snacks and drinks as needed.