What We Do

  • Subscription Service for Comic Collectors
    • We will hold your comics each week free of charge
    • No subscription is too big or too small
    • Due to our volume of subscriptions, we are unable to call subscribers to let you know when your books are in
    • All subscribers must provide us with an email address
    • if we do not see you within 1 month, we will send a courtesy email
      • if we do not hear from you 1 week from the email being sent, we will reshelve your books and stop your subscription
      • everyone loses track of time – you can reactivate your sub once after it has been stopped, however, if your sub is stopped twice, we ask that you shop from the shelves, rather than sub
    • We expect you will clear out your subscription box on each visit. If you are leaving books in your box, books older than 1 month will be re-shelved.
    • If you know you will be unable to pick up your books within a month, you can choose to be put on credit card terms, where your books will be automatically charged to your credit card each week. You then own them and can pick them up when you return.
    • Please keep on top of your subscription – If you know you don’t want to keep reading a series, please cancel it as soon as possible.
  • In-Store Gaming – We have the following weekly gaming events:
    • Wednesdays – Pokemon League 3-6pm
      • D&D 6:30-9pm
      • Magic Modern League 5:30-9
      • Warmachine 6-9pm
    • Thursdays – Casual Magic 4-9pm
      • D&D First Quest 6-8pm
    • Fridays – Friday Night Magic 5:30-9pm
    • Saturdays – 10am-7pm: miniature gaming, with tournaments
    • Sundays – open Board Games 10-5
      • Magic events (check our calendar!)
      • tournaments for Star Trek Attack Wing and Pokemon
  • The Dragon Book Club
    • once a month on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday from 7-9pm
    • a different graphic novel each month
    • members of the club get discounts on the club pick
    • regular attendance required to maintain your membership
  • Free Comic Book Day (first Saturday in May) and Hallowe’en Comic Fest (Saturday before Hallowe’en)
  • Signings, Tournaments, and more! – check our Events Calendar to see what’s coming up

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denny and cam

Denny O’Neil and Mayor Cam Guthrie

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fcbd 2016

FCBD 2016 – the staff of The Dragon


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