Magic the Gathering

The Dragon offers a wide range of products and events at both its locations. Dragon South is a Core store, but Dragon Downtown is an Advanced Plus store, giving us access to more limited product and more events!


  • a full line of currently in-print card packs and boxes, including limited items
  • single cards from recent and older sets
  • a wide range of card supplies: Ultra Pro playmats, sleeves, boxes, and portfolios; Dragon Shields; KMC sleeves; Chessex dice cubes


Events:casual Thursday

We run events 5 days a week between our two locations!

Prizing is posted before or at the beginning of each event. We prize generously and often to up to 70% of players. PPTQs are more competitive and prizing for these events focuses on approximately the top 25% of players.

Our events schedule is always changing. Check our events calendar or contact us to stay up to date!

Dragon Downtown (Advanced Plus)

  • Sunday :
    • Special Events, including GPTs, PPTQs, Sealed, and 2HG Sealed — Check our events calendar for dates and details!
  • Wednesday:
    • Modern — $6 — 5:30 registration — 6pm start
  • Thursday:
    • Casual Constructed — 4-9 — Free
    • Mini-Sealed League — 4-9 — $16 to enter — Check our events calendar for dates and details
  • Friday
    • Casual Constructed and Youth League — 3-6 — Free
    • Booster Draft — $16 — 5:30 registration — 6pm start
    • Standard — $6 — 5:30 registration — 6pm start
  • Saturday
    • $3 Constructed — Rotating Format — 10:30 registration — 11am start — Check our events calendar for dates and details!

NEXT GAME DAY: Hour of Devastation – August 5th and 6th

NEXT PRERELEASE: Hour of Devastation – July 8th and 9th

Dragon South (Core)

  • Sunday
    • Casual and Standard League
  • Friday
    • Juniors League – 3-6 – Free
    • FNM Booster Draft – $16 – 5:30 registration – 6pm start
  • Saturday
    • Avacyn’s Angels Ladies League — 3-7


Purchasing Singles:Magic counter

  • The Dragon purchases single rare cards at 50% cash or 60% store credit, based on the TCG Median price + 30% exchange rate.
  • If you have a large amount of cards, please feel free to send us a list, or expect to leave your cards with us for up to 1 week.

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