Comics in the Classroom

Jenn, owner of The Dragon, is a certified teacher and a YWCA Woman of Distinction. She is available to come to your school for consultations, workshops, and book fairs.

Jenn can survey your school or library’s collection of graphic novels and make recommendations for your library. She can work within any budget to provide you with the best selection of books to start or augment a collection, based on an individual school’s needs. She can also work with individual teachers to help you design a curriculum around a specific graphic novel or group of graphic novels.
Consultation is available at no cost.

Jennifer currently offers four different workshops for students and one for teachers:
– Comic Imagery – students are led in a discussion to help develop their visual literacy by articulating how panels and images create ideas of time, mood, character, sound, and more. This can be tailored to any age group.

– Being a Superhero for your Community – students are led in a discussion about what it means to be a superhero; they examine the concept of community, and then figure out how a hero could help one of their communities; finally in pairs they create their own hero, drawing it on a blank figure template, and establishing a name and powers for the character.
For grades 3-8

– An Introduction to Graphic Novels – students are led through the history of comics from the first ones published in the late 19th century to today’s comics. They also learn about the basic construction of a comic and some storytelling language.
For grades 7-12

– Creating Emotion in Comics – students examine different ways to show how emotion is depicted in comics. They look at examples from facial expressions to body language to colour to perspective. This will not only develop their visual literacy, but also help them create their own comics.
For grades 3-8

– Teaching with Graphic Novels (for teachers) – not sure how to get graphic novels into your curriculum? Jenn can walk through how to create a graphic novel curriculum, including establishing activities, writing lesson plans, and choosing texts. This workshop can be tailored to the needs of the group and the level of expertise with the medium.

Beyond this, Jenn is able to tailor any programme to suit the needs of your students and your classroom, whether it be centred on one book, or a thematic topic.

Workshops are available at the cost of $50 per 50 to 80 minute session. A half day’s worth of workshops is $150. A full day of workshops is $300. If out-of-town travel is required, 10% will be added to the rate.

Book Fairs
Jenn or one of her staff can attend your school with books for your students to purchase. We recommend booking the store for a 2 day book fair, which will allow students to browse the books on day 1 and take home a wish list, and return to purchase on day 2.
The book fair can be combined with a workshop.
Book Fairs are available at no cost.

Open House
Jenn will be hosting Teacher and Librarian Open Houses in October and February. Find out about new releases and bestsellers, learn about our programmes, and shop! Invitations will be sent to each school, or email Jenn to be added to the mailing list!

Please contact for more information on any of these programmes or availability.

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