In-Store Gaming

  • Magic Wednesday through Sunday Downtown; Thursday through Sunday at South (see below)
  • Pokemon Wednesday 3-6 Downtown; Thursday 3-6 at South – drop-in, free, casual play
  • D&D Wednesday 6-9 and Saturday 3-5 Downtown; Sunday 3-5 at South (see below)
  • Miniature Gaming Saturday 11-6 Downtown
  • Pathfinder Sunday 11-3 Downtown
  • plus tournaments for X-Wing, Warmachine, Pokemon, Magic, and more!

Magic the Gathering

Dragon South is an Advanced store, and Dragon Downtown is an Advanced Plus store, giving us access to more limited product, more promos, and more events!
casual Thursday

We run events 5 days a week between our two locations!

Prizing is posted before or at the beginning of each event. We prize generously and often to up to 70% of players. PPTQs are more competitive and prizing for these events focuses on approximately the top 25% of players.

Our events schedule is always changing. Check our events calendar or contact us to stay up to date!

Dragon Downtown (Advanced Plus)

  • Sunday : Special Events, including PPTQs, Draft Weekend, Store Championships, and more!
  • 1st Sunday Legacy, 3rd Sunday Pauper – 10:30 reg, 11am start – $6
  • Wednesday: Modern — 5:30 registration, 6pm start – $6
  • Friday 3-6pm – Casual Constructed and Youth League – Free
  • Friday 5:30 registration – 6pm start: Booster Draft $16 or Standard/Modern/Commander $6 (see calendar for rotation)
  • Saturday: Standard Showdown — 11:30 registration, 12pm start – Free

Dragon South (Advanced):

  • Sunday: Standard Showdown – 10:30 registration, 11am start – Free
  • Thursday 6-9pm – Commander Casual – Free
  • Friday 3-6pm: Juniors League – Free
  • Friday 5:30 registration – 6pm start: FNM Booster Draft $16
  • Saturday: Avacyn’s Angels Ladies League — 3-6pm


Purchasing Singles:Magic counter

  • The Dragon purchases single rare cards at 40% cash or 50% store credit, based on the TCG Median price + 30% exchange rate.
  • If you have more than 10 cards, please be aware that we may need you to leave your cards with us for up to 1 week for pricing.





Dungeons & Dragons:

  • Downtown on Wednesdays from 6-9pm
    • $20 per 8-week campaign
    • players sign up according to DM or campaign
  • Downtown on Saturdays from 3-5pm
    • free, drop-in
    • this is an introductory campaign for new players
  • at South on Sundays from 3-5pm
    • free, drop-in
    • the group rotates between age 16+ and under age 16; see events calendar for this week’s group

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