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Heavy Metal #288 Cover A Forest Baby Shau

CAD $ 10.95

As bright Summer turns to burnt Autumn, Heavy Metal presents its Halloween horror offering -- Forbidden Fears. Heavy Metal #288 explores the violent, horrific and intimate horrors plaguing the melting minds of mankind. This issue has editor-in-chief, Grant Morrison, pairing with celebrated horror artist, Menton Mathews III on a chill inspiring O'Henry style story. MF Wilson (Fluorescent Black) and Patrick Reilly unveil the first part of of the Frank Frazetta shared universe, The Forgotten Age, starring Frazetta's fearful creation, The Death Dealer! The issue also features two shorts of Clive Barker's Hellraiser (what happens when a animal solves the box?) and original short story based on the classic horror film, The Blob, and what happens when an alien race encounters the insatiable being..