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Heavy Metal #299 Cover A Maisto (Mature)

CAD $ 12.99

The world's greatest illustrated magazine returns to pure fantasy with the Mythical Worlds Special. A demon torments her creator in 'Revenge of the Cicatrix' by David Baillie & Conor Boyle; Scott Duvall & Ralf Singh resurrect dinosaurs for a future threat in WW IV; Charles Fetherolf introduces a fabled assassin in '13 Deathless'; 'Familaris' brings us witchy English Folklore by John Reppion & David Hitchcock; Matt Medney and Morgan Rosenblum's 'Dogma Resistance' spans the ancient past and near future; and many more. Also featuring galleries and interviews with multiple Hugo Award-winning illustrator Michael Whelan and with world-builder Sean Andrew Murray!.

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