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Love & Rockets Library Gilbert Jaime Mario Graphic Novel Amor Cohetes (Mature)

CAD $ 26.99

The Love & Rockets library continues with this special volume! Amor y Cohetes is the seventh volume in the new Complete Love & Rockets series, collecting together in one convenient package all the non-Maggie and non-Palomar stories by all three Hernandez Brothers from that classic first, 50-issue Love & Rockets series, including Gilbert's original 40-page sci-fi epic 'BEM' from 1981's very first issue of Love & Rockets, Jaime's charming 'Rocky and Fumble' series starring a planet-hopping girl and her robot, stunning one-shots such as Gilbert's Frida Kahlo biography 'Frida,' the shocking autobiographical fantasia 'My Love Book,' and much more!.